University of Kentucky

Lab Fun

Alexandra Amaro-Ortiz newly minted PhD 5-15

Blaze Pizza Lab lunch welcoming Robert 7-17

Erin accepting traditional mint julep cup after defending her dissertation 6-16

Erin and her family after defending her PhD thesis 6-16

Finding John's clone - Mark Hedglin - at the 2017 Gordon Conference on DNA repair.

In admiration of the new Nanodrop 11-16

John admiring the solar eclipse - 8-17

John and Stuart wine tasting at the 2016 Gordon Research Conference in Ventura CA

John fly fishing in Gatlinburg TN 5-15

John on vacation with a truly sun-safe hat 6-15

Lab breakfast at Josies 5-14

Lab outing at Caramandas cupcakes 5-15

Marcia and Alicia having fun at a lab inventory 2005

Robert Stuart John and Nathaniel being eclipse safe - 8-17

Salty Dills playing pickleball at Seaton Center 5-14

Say hello to my little friend...

Science brownie-cakes made by Kati 5-17

Stuart and John putting an old incubator out of its misery 11-16

Stuart at a horse event 2015

Thank you lunch for Marcia and Alicia at Hananoki 9-13

The lab was so organized at one time...

Vincent van Gogh - suspected MC1R mutant

Welcoming Kati joining the lab with liquid nitrogen ice cream 8-16